The 2020 Graduation Ceremony Was Held at The School of Physics, Peking University

On the morning of June 28, 2020, the 2020 graduation ceremony of the School of Physics, Peking University was successfully held. Due to the epidemic situation, this graduation ceremony was held both on site and online. It was also the first time that the graduation ceremony of the School of Physics was held at the square of the Physics Park. The School's leadership members in Beijing, faculty representatives, alumni representatives, and the faculty and graduates who had returned to the school participated in the ceremony. The graduates who did not return participated the ceremony by video sharing or watching live broadcast with their relatives and friends at home. The ceremony was presided over by Prof. Liangyou Peng, Vice Dean of the School of Physics, Peking University.

A warm-up video filled with the memories of the graduates' life at campus and the blessings of their teachers was firstly played. With the music of the majestic national anthem, the graduation ceremony was officially opened. Vice Dean Prof. Liangyou Peng introduced the guests and faculties to the meeting, and expressed warm welcome and congratulations to all graduates of 2020 online and offline.

Next, Prof. Qinghong Cao, Vice Dean of the School of Physics, Peking University, announced the list of graduates of the 2020 class. Graduates participating online wore academic uniforms and turned on their cameras to interact with the main venue.

Next, Prof. Jinbo Yang, Secretary General of the School of Physics, Peking University, delivered a speech. He expressed his missing to the graduates. He wished the graduates would be responsible, caring, inclusive, patriotic, ambitious, and perseverant, looking up to the high standards while being down-to-earth, and practicing excellent capabilities in learning and practice. He expected the graduates to incorporate the realization of individual dreams and family dreams into that of national dreams and devote their passion and energy to areas that are most important to the nation and the people.

Next, faculty representative Prof. Yanlin Ye gave a speech. Starting from his own experience, he told the students to believe in hard work and make difficulties their wealth of life. He hoped that the students would go to the society while maintaining curiosity and the spirit of exploration, uphold the scientific attitude, rational analysis and quantitative methodology to avoid extremes caused by falsehood. In a world of rapid interpretation and overloaded information, the students should try to keep a calm and open mind, rational thinking, passion and optimism.

Next, Prof. Haitao Quan delivered a speech on behalf of tutors. He taught his students to insist on seeking truth from facts and keep on the scientific spirit. He believed that the scientific spirit is core to this university. A century ago, it was a loud slogan in the May 4th Movement. Today, it is still the direction we are pursuing. The scientific spirit is first and foremost not to tell lies. As a graduate of Peking University, we must have the courage to dare to tell the truth and not to be the silent majority. He hoped that the students would inherit the spirit of truth seeking and make their own contributions to the prosperity of the country and the progress of human civilization.

Next, Dr. Deming Zhang, a 96’class undergraduate from the Department of Technical Physics of School of Physics delivered a speech as an alumni representative. He believed that young students now have better opportunities to embrace their ideals. He hoped that the graduates will not only make precise efforts in a certain professional direction, but also carry out cross-border learning, so that they can have a deeper understanding of the main field and a greater probability of approaching their ideals.

Next, Mr. Xingbo Guo, the parent of the 2016 undergraduate Shi’an Guo, gave an online speech as a parent representative. He shared his views on how to objectively perceive study and work abroad, how to understand popular and unpopular majors, and how to choose research directions. He hoped that the students would become young adults who are healthy, mature, independent, and caring. He wished the students will achieve better results in the future and harvest success and love in their life.

In the sharing session of graduate representatives, Yu Wang, a 2016’ class undergraduate, shared with audience the most important wealth she had gained at Peking University: tolerance and freedom, as well as the courage to overcome difficulties. She thanked the School and the University for their training, and wished all students free-thinking minds, independent souls, and becoming courageous undertakers of the national missions.

Next, Lai Wei, a graduate of the 2017 class, made a speech. He used the words "try" and "persist" to summarize his life at Peking University. He believed that after entering the society, the students still had to boldly try, challenge, explore, and create more meaningful moments in a limited life. No matter in any situation, the graduates should not be selfish, but insist on their original intentions and future directions.

Finally, Yang Liu, a doctoral graduate of the 2015 class, made a speech. Once situated in the epidemic center, he sincerely thanked the School for its meticulous greetings and help. He said that his biggest achievements in the School were the development of scientific research quality, and his ability to analyze, judge, and solve problems. The freedom in training method and the guidance of excellent teachers and students of the School will help him to climb the peak in future research.

Next, Profs. Yuanning Gao and Jinbo Yang issued certificates to the graduates who won the honorary title of "Beijing Excellent Graduates." Profs. Yanlin Ye, Yuxin Liu, Xueqing Yan, Qinghong Cao, Xinqiang Wang, Chengyin Wu, Bin Chen, Dr. Xiaohua Dong and etc. awarded certificates for the graduates who won the honorary title of "Excellent Graduates of Peking University". Finally, Prof. Nanlin Wang awarded certificates for the graduates who won the honorary title of "Wei-Ming Physics Students".

In the last session of the ceremony, Dean Yuanning Gao took group photos with undergraduate graduates, and Chairman of the Degree Committee Yugang Wang took group photos with graduate students. In the end, Vice Dean Liangyou Peng sincerely wished the graduates a successful academic career and a bright future. The graduation ceremony ended in rounds of warm applause.