The School of Physics Successfully Held the 2022 Graduation Ceremony

The 2022 graduation ceremony for the students of School of Physics was held at Peking University Hall on the morning of June, 27th. Guests who attended the ceremony included Dean of School of Physics, Yuanning Gao, Secretary of the Party Committee, Yulong Liu, Member of Committee of Care for Next Generation and former Assistant Principle, Xing Zhu, Secretary of the Party Committee office of the unit directly under Peking University, Xiaohua Dong, Associate Dean of School of Physics, professor Qinghong Cao, professor Liangyou Peng and professor Xueqing Yan, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee, Yan Li, Assistant Dean of School of Physics, professor Xinzheng Li, research fellow Zhuo Li and research fellow Yan Sun, Director of Academic Committee of School of Physics, academician Qi Ouyang, Director of the Teaching Committee, professor Yuxin Liu, Chairman of the Degree Evaluation Committee, professor Yugang Wang, as well as members of the Teaching Committee and the Degree Evaluation Committee, faculties of departments, institutes, centers and key innovation bases, winners of the 2022 outstanding teaching awards of Peking University, delegates of alumni, delegates of student parents and delegates of students of the 2022 class. Students and their families who were not able to attend the ceremony due to COVID-19 could watch online. The ceremony was held by Vice Secretary of the Party Committee of School of Physics, professor Liangzhu Mu.

Despite of the drizzle outside, the atmosphere in the hall was warm and relaxing. Before the opening, students watched the videos presenting the memorable moments of the campus life. As time goes by, dreams they had when stepping into the university have come true. Precious courage and confidence were gained during the overcoming of obstacles. Many teachers gave their most sincere advice and wishes in the video, which would be the sweat company to students along their ways of pursuing the future.

After singing the anthem, Yulong Liu and Qinghong Cao announced the names of Outstanding Graduates and lists of graduates on behalf of the school. For the 2022 class, 195 undergraduates from school of Physics, Yuanpei College in Physics direction and double degree in Physics have accomplished their education program. For the school of Physics, 169 undergraduates and 199 graduates have accomplished their education program including 30 master graduates and 169 doctoral graduates. These students have met the requirements of graduation and were awarded the corresponding degree. Specially, 59 students were awarded Outstanding Graduates of Peking University, 20 students were awarded Outstanding Graduates of Higher Education of Beijing City, 31 students were awarded Weiming Physics Student Honor, 7 students were awarded Weiming Bachelor Honor, 9 PhD students had their dissertation evaluated as Outstanding Dissertation of Peking University.

Students got on the stage to receive the honor. Yuanning Gao, Yulong Liu, Yuxin Liu and Yugang Wang awarded the supervisors of outstanding PhD dissertation the certificates, and awarded director of the 2022 class, head teacher of classes, student supervisor Jing Wang, Lingyue Wang, Yuzhi Wang and delegates of Shoujia Estate Peking University management office which provided safeguard and service for the graduating class Shenghua Qi certificate of Award of Education and Dedication of School of Physics in the year of 2022. Student delegates sent flowers to these faculties and expressed thanks to their selfless devotion.

Associate Dean Liangyou Peng and delegates of alumni, teachers, supervisors, student parents and graduates gave speeches after the awarding ceremony.

Liangyou Peng wished that graduates could use their knowledge properly in the professions, enrich wisdom, boost confidence, promote resilience through various barriers and finally make a better person who can serve the neighborhood, the society as well as the motherland. He also stressed the significance of achieving a balance between idealism and the reality, encouraging students to preserve the spirit of diligence whatever position they were at, and never forget the responsibility of graduates of Physics to retain a high-level and rounded vision.

Zhen Huang, delegate of alumni, undergraduate of 2001 class, vice chief designer of model in Department of Design in the Fifth Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) and winner of the 26th China Youth May Fourth Medal, recalled the twisted road towards becoming a system engineer from an ordinary science student, a leader in the field of manned space flight from a new recruit. His interesting and inspiring experience served as the perfect evidence of hard work would pay, and proved that life would never let down those who devote youth into the great passion.

Zuntao Fu, delegate of teachers, head teacher of 2018 undergraduate class, professor in Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, compared the graduation ceremony as the last grade assembly. He used a comic once shared during the assembly to encourage students to pay attention to interests beyond their profession scope, keep curious and always be ready to discover new things. Amazing scenery might wait at the place you have never been.

Hui Hua, delegate of supervisors, professor of Department of Technical Physics, expressed the sincere wish that students could always have down-to-earth attitudes. Quick money or unrealistic goals should be carefully avoided, and many other things including physical health and family union should also play a treasurable part in life besides work and research. He hoped the students could keep a sustainable lifestyle so they can enjoy lives at the same time of realizing dreams.

Professor Liutang Gong, delegate of student parents, celebrated the achievements of students during the graduating season under the trouble of COVID-19. Having come through all these obstacles, they grew more tolerant and had stronger senses of responsibility, which facilitated them to meet the expectation of the society to make contributions in developing key technologies and show the quality of confidence, perseverance as well as the inclusiveness.

Citian Wang, delegate of undergraduates, shared experience of how he successfully overcame the confusion, anxiety and self-suspect though the commencement of research project and attending graduate courses ahead of the education program. He remarked that once you found the specific aim of scientific research, courage and confidence would follow and could support you along the way to achieve your goals.

Zeqing Shen, delegate of master graduates, guided the students to recall the happy moments in classes and laboratories when teachers and friends talked and laughed in a harmonious atmosphere. Simple life was enriched by friendship, and the blossom of February orchid in the garden impressed people with happiness. The excitement of solving science puzzles in a beautiful campus would always form the best memories during the learning period. 

Yutian Ao, delegate of doctoral graduates, shared his motto in life which was evidence in logics and moderation in life, endless learning as well as brightness in spirit and independence in personality. He insisted that having the three ‘gemstones’ can guarantee your passion of pursuing dreams regardless of temporal frustrations.

On the following degree awarding ceremony, Yuanning Gao, Yuxin Liu, Yugang Wang, Qinghong Cao, Liangyou Peng, Xueqing Yan, Yan Li, Xinzheng Li turned the tassel for each graduate of the 2022 class, handled them degree certificates and took pictures with tem as memento.

The Peking University 2022 graduation ceremony came to a successful end with every student and faculty singing the song of Yan Yuan Qing.

Physics in the best youth

Warmth in the whole life

Best wishes to all the graduates of 2022 class of School of Physics.

Hope you can move forward fearlessly, and enlighten the world with wisdom and spirit of science!

Writted by: Yuzhen Yan
Designed by: Liangzhu Mu