President of University of Paris-Saclay Visiting Peking University and Meeting with Faculty of the School of Physics

On June 13, 2018, the President of University of Paris-Saclay, Prof. Gilles Bloch, visited Peking University and met with Faculty of the School of Physics. Prof. Gilles Bloch was accompanied by Guillaume Garreta, Director of International Relations of University of Paris-Saclay, Ms. Stephanie Balme and Ms. Sophie de Bentzmann from the Embassy of France. Jianhua Lin, President of Peking University met with the delegation at Linhuxuan. Yongyun Hu, Vice Dean of the School of Physics, joint the meeting. The delegation then met with the faculty members of the School of Physics, including Drs. Zongmei Fu, Lin Zhang and Yonggang Liu from the Dept of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences and Dr. Yuan Li from the International Center of Quantum Materials. The meeting was hosted by Vice Dean Yongyun Hu.

Prof. Hu first delivered a brief introduction to the School of Physics, with an emphasis on the exchange activities that the school’s undergraduates and graduates have been attending and the exchange students that the school has been hosting in recent years. President Gilles Bloch then briefly introduced the University’s establishment process, its educational reform and student recruitment system, expressed his strong wish to promote collaborative programs with the School, including providing more funding and scholarships to the School’s faculty and students visiting the University of Paris-Saclay. Both sides indicated great willing of collaborations on research, student exchanges, and double degrees.

Meeting Room

Group Photo