EDP Sciences Agent Dr. Matthias Wahls Visits the School of Physics

On June 28, 2016, EDP Sciences Agent Dr. Matthias Wahls visited the School of Physics, Peking University, accompanied by Na Xie and Xiaohong Chen with Peking University Press. Prof. Yongyun Hu, Vice Dean of the School of Physics, met with the guests.

Prof. Yongyun Hu Introduced the School

Dr. Wahls Introduced EDP Sciences

Vice Dean Yongyun Hu welcomed Dr. Wahls and delivered a brief introduction of the School of Physics. Dr. Wahls highly appreciated the School’s warm welcome and briefly introduced EDP Sciences. EDP Sciences was founded in 1920 by renowned scientists and industrialists. It produces and publishes international journals, books, conferences and internet sites in Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Chemistry, Life Sciences, Engineering & Technology, etc. Dr. Wahls expressed EDP Sciences’ intention to establish close collaborations and develop new journals with the School.

Dr. Wahls is devoted to developing cooperation opportunities between Europe and China in science and technology publishing. The objective of his trip to the School was to start connections and find potential partners.

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