Planar Cavity-Free Silicon Nanowire Micro Thermoelectric Generators
speaker: 詹天卓 副研究员, 早稻田大学,日本
place: 物理楼西楼464室
time: 2019年12月31日 15:00-17:00

报告摘要:Micro thermoelectric generators (TEG) have recently attracted great attention for applications such as monolithic on-chip thermal management of advanced high-performance chips and wireless power supply for the sensor network in the Internet of Things (IoT) society. Silicon is the most abundant and environmentally friendly semiconductor material. Benefit from the integration, scalability and low cost of complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) processing technology, various Si-based micro TEGs have been developed. In this talk, a planar cavity-free Si-nanowire micro TEG architecture fabricated by the CMOS processing technology will be introduced. The TEG utilizes a temperature gradient that is formed in the proximity of a perpendicular heat flow to the substrate. Thus, there is no need to etch away the substrate to form suspended Si-nanowires, which leads to a low fabrication cost and well-protected Si-nanowires. A high thermoelectric power density of 12 μW/cm2 under the harvesting mode is realized by applying a temperature difference of 5 K.

报告人简介:2001.9-2005.7 北京航空航天大学 学士 2005.9-2008.1 北京航空航天大学 硕士 2008.4-2012.3 日本九州大学 博士 2012.4-2017.3 日本国家材料科学研究所 博士后 2017.4-现在 日本早稻田大学 副研究员 研究领域:微纳尺度传热,热电发电机,能量采集,芯片热管理,应力发光传感器