CPTA progress and DR1.0
speaker: Kejia Lee (北京大学)
place: KIAA-auditorium
time: 2023年9月28日(星期四)14:00—15:00

报告摘要In the talk, we will present the results of high precision pulsar timing of 57 millisecond pulsars conducted using the the Chinese FAST 500-meter radio telescope. Particularly, we will highlight the gravitational wave searching efforts of the Chinese Pulsar Timing Array collaboration. More backgrounds and topics on pulsar timing, nanoHertz GW detection, and gravity test will be also covered. Future Chinese perspective in the related field will be also discussed.

主讲人简介Kejia Lee, an Assistant Professor at Peking University, was born in 1980. He earned his Bachelor's and PhD degrees from the Department of Astronomy at Peking University under the supervision of Professors Guojun Qiao and Renxin Xu. His research interests include pulsar astronomy, gravitational wave detection, statistical signal processing, radio astronomical techniques, electronics, and biomedical image processing.