High Performance Electronics based on 2D heterostructure and ultrathin ITO
作者:Yanqing Wu (吴燕庆)浏览次数:
speaker: Yanqing Wu (吴燕庆)
place: 北京大学物理楼,西563会议室
time: 2020年11月4日 (周三)下午4:00


Electronic devices based on atomic layered two-dimensional materials and related heterostructures have recently attracted great research attention due to their unique electronic properties and the feasibility of hybrid integration, which provide the unprecedented opportunities for various van der Waals heterojunctions. We have studied the performance improvement based on black phosphorus and molybdenum disulfide from the carrier velocity and operating frequency. High frequency transistor and circuits operating at gigahertz range based on molybdenum disulfide are demonstrated with record high maximum oscillation frequency. Moreover, bandgap engineering using lateral heterojunctions has been carried out with multifunctionality for reconfigurable logic and transverse tunnelling operations, showing great promise for future electronics. Ultrathin indium tin oxide has been also systematically investigated for record high performance logic transistors down to 10 nm channel length with high on off ratio.
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